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    • The ARAID M300 is an ultra compact RAID disk array that can easily and quickly connect to a single SATA II port. It fits in a single 5.25" bay, 1U height hosting two 2.5" SATA II disk drives. Standard RAID 1 is supported to provide disk mirroring for data redundancy, while optional RAID 0 is to increase disk capacity and performance. RAID 1 mode allows one hard disk to be replaced while the system is running (Disk Hot-Swap). ARAID enables user to replace the failed hard disk while PC is operating and rebuilds all contents to a new hard disk automatically, no manually setup is required.
    • ARAID M300 fits into any type of computer system including desktop PCs, Industrial PCs, servers, Network Attached Storage and home computers. The M300 directly connects to PC`s SATA II port without needing software device drivers. Should any hard disk fail, there is always a real-time backup on the other survival drive.
    Construction Aluminium alloy
    RAID Level
    1 or 0 
    PC Interface
    SATA II (Optional: IDE bridge)
    Driver No driver required
    Power Supply From host
    Failed HDD Hot Swap Yes, allows users to replace hard disk while PC is operating.
    New HDD Auto Rebuild Yes
    Plug and Play Yes
    Mirror On Demand Optional Yes
    Standard HDD format 2 x 2.5" SATA (3G), also support SSD
    LCD Screen Yes. Displays status of disks, including Fan, Temperature, and Rebuilding Percentage(%) status.
    LED Indicator Yes, shows hard disk READ or WRITE status.
    Hard Disk Fail Alert LCD, LED, buzzer, email and SNMP
    OS support Windows 7, Vista XP, 2008/203/2000/Nt4.0, Linux
    Built In Powerful Fan 1 x 4cm
    Space Required 1 x 5.25"
    Connectors Host: SATA, optional IDE
    SNMP management Yes
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