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GHI-200 Guanghsing 19"/2U Rackmount
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  • Structure

    • Guanghsing 19" 2U Rackmount Case
    • 6 Slots Passive Backplane
    • 2x USB, 1x Front PS/2 Ports
    • Power ON/OFF, System Reset
    • LEDs for Power ON/OFF, HDD Activity
    Case dimension 483mm W x 450mm D x 88mm H
    Motherboard configuration 6 Slots Passive Backplane
    Drive configuration
  • 1 - 5.25"
  • 1 - 3.5" FDD
  • System cooling fans 3x (80mm = 42.5CFM ea.)
    Passive Backplane  GHP-AD6S4
    Gross Weight 13.0kgs/28.7lbs
    Optional Power Supply HG2-6400P (PS/2 Single up to 400W) or MRT-6320P (Mini Redundant up to 400W) (Rear Installation)
    Optional Kits Telescopic Sliders, Passive Backplane
    Front Side
     Top View
    Rear Side