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New Products

We would like to present many new products in this month's newsletter. Of course you can also find detailed information on our website.

YANG-iT and ElektroG


YANG-iT Informationen zum ElektroG & zur RoHS-Richtlinie
Das am 24.03.05 in Kraft getretene "Gesetz über das Inverkehrbringen, die Rücknahme und die umweltverträgliche Entsorgung von Elektro- und Elektronikgeräten" (Elektround Elektronikgerätegesetz - ElektroG) regelt unter anderem, dass Hersteller, Importeure und Erstinverkehrbringer von Elektro- und Elektronikgeräten die von ihm in Verkehr gebrachten Geräte rückzunehmen und umweltverträglich zu Entsorgen oder Verwerten hat. ds.

Internal Card Reader


Our range of products is extended by a new 3.5" internal card reader.

The YD-CRS5-NX has a front USB 2.0 modul.
It supports the CF, SM, SD and MS slot cards.

Home Media Center


In the near future we are proud to show Yeong Yang's latest Tiny Tower Case, the YY-A211. The chassis is designed for Home Media Center.

Hi-Fi footstands, memory card reader and 2x 6cm fans are the optional parts of this chassis. Users may choose a 270W or 300W PSU for the Micro ATX chassis with 1x 5.25"ODD and 1x 3.5"HDD.

External Enclosures


YANG-iT Technology GmbH extends the range of products to external enclosures.

The enclosures of the Mapower brand appear in an aluminium design and an unique aerodynamic cooler fin which allowed a high-performance heat disspation.

New Mini ITX from YANG-iT
January 2006
  • Fanless Chassis with 2 Heatpipes
  • Dimension : 370 x 308 x 51.8 mm (WxDxH)
  • Material : Steel, Aluminium Front and Side Panels
  • Power Button, Power LED, HDD LED, Reset Switch
  • 3.1 kg
  • Side Cooling Splines
  • External Power Supply : 220V/120W
  • Internal Converter Board : 12V/90W
  • PCI Riser Card
  • For VIA Mini-ITX MBs : EpiaM 1000, MII 2000, SP, MS
  • 2 x Slim-5.25" bay, 1 x 2.5" HDD, 1 x 3.5" HDD